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OK Cancel. My wet speedo bulge in the shower thongguy. Continue to external site Go Back. Hi My friend!

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  • Indeed, if one watches women at such events, the skimpier the male costume, the happier and more turned on the women appear to be. Your post is right on, except for the last sentence, which is just your opinion.
  • So, I guess you can buy an older dog a new Speedo. To their credit, people in Europe and in many other areas of the world do not seem to have what amounts to psychosexual and body image hang-ups regarding what males should or should not wear as swimming attire.
  • In this article, I use the term Speedos as a generic term to refer to any male brief-style swimsuit.
  • While these exercises do ok in terms of burning fat and increasing the general level of fitness, they do little to strengthen the muscles in the abdominal wall.
  • This approach puts less compression in the waist area and generally looks comparatively better on guys carrying some body fat than the suits that rely mainly on elastic at the waist.

For a woman to admit that she is or could possibly be turned on by seeing even the outline of a male penis covered in cloth is perceived as a threat to the drive for sexual equality. Well, how about something that does not announce that you have a pair of Speedos on underneath, but simply hints at it.

A couple of the guys remaining on the show at this point were slim and well built. Of course, the last thing a heterosexual guy wants to hear is that even some women think he might be gay, and that excuse for not wearing a Speedo alone might be enough to deter him.

Gay-speedo Search -
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